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James restores land from his defiant uncle

https://justicecentres.go.ug/wp-content/uploads/speaker/post-8570.mp3?cb=1710883517.mp3 Our client James, approached JCU Hoima in 2017 after being rendered homeless by his maternal uncle Daniel. James was the owner/beneficiary to his late

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Long standing land wrangle comes to a halt

https://justicecentres.go.ug/wp-content/uploads/speaker/post-8566.mp3?cb=1710883216.mp3 This case involved 63-year-old Evans whose land had been fraudulently grabbed by his neighbor Simon. Evans owned 2.5 acres of land that he’d been

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Eva’s saved from a fraudulent land dealer

https://justicecentres.go.ug/wp-content/uploads/speaker/post-8562.mp3?cb=1710882309.mp3 Eva approached JCU Bundibugyo Centre seeking legal assistance after a land sale went wrong. She alleged that she purchased a piece of land in

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