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Eva’s saved from a fraudulent land dealer

Eva approached JCU Bundibugyo Centre seeking legal assistance after a land sale went wrong. She alleged that she purchased a piece of land in Ngamba II village from Adoniya in May last year, at UGX 2,500,000. She made a partial payment of Ugx 1,090,000/= on the purchase date and was left with a balance of Ushs 1,400,000/= which was to be paid by September 2022.

To her surprise, Adoniya sold off the same land to another person without her knowledge and consent. The parties tried to resolve the matter between themselves but they failed to agree on the settlement since Adoniya had refused to compensate Eva for the inconvenience.

A JCU lawyer then scheduled a mediation in an attempt to help the parties reach an amicable agreement. In the end, Adoniya agreed to refund Eva’s initial deposit of Ugx. 1,090,000 and also agreed to pay the client and additional Ugx. 500,000 to compensate her for breach of contract and inconveniences faced. The Ugx. 1,090,000 was paid immediately after the mediation and the payment was later paid at the beginning of 2023.

“I bought another piece of land with a cocoa plantation. I will use the proceeds form the cocoa garden to construct another house for my children. Thank you my lawyer.” – Eva