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JCU Resolves Dispute Between A Grandmother & Her Granddaughter

The complainant (Yolesi) is a single mother to a two-year-old. The complainant and her mother had a lot of misunderstandings with the respondent (Yolesi’s great grandmother) which led them to run away from the extended family. Yolesi’s father passed on when she was still very young. Her mother was helpless at the time and this is when Miria registered Yolesi with an organization called Compassion International, a child-advocacy ministry that supports children living in extreme poverty.

This organization took care of Yolesi until she became of age. During that time, she was receiving benefits in form of money however she wasn’t aware of it because Miria was using this money for her personal benefit. By the time Yolesi got knowledge of this, Miria had consumed about UGX. 4.000.000. The family fell apart as Yolesi and her mother couldn’t believe that Miria could be this insensitive.

Several family meetings were held in which the family members concluded that Miria compensates Yolesi but this was ineffective. One of Yolesi’s uncles who attended the meetings referred Yolesi to JCU Kasese offices for intervention. It took several mediation sessions to finally convince Miria to refund Yolesi’s money but she finally agreed to do so. This however became hard to execute since Miria didn’t have that amount of money. It was then later decided that the monetary payment be compromised with an exchange and transfer of land measuring 50×100.

In the end, Yolesi got justice and a family was helped to reconcile and go back to speaking terms.I thank JCU for the free services. I had never dreamt of ever settling this matter since they told me that legal services are very expensive. But with the help of JCU, I’ve been in position to find a remedy. I am now going to settle down and work towards constructing a small house on my land. I want to have a personal home where I can stay with my child.” Yolesi