Justice Centres Uganda Partners: Journalists and Media

Journalists & Media

Vulnerability is in most cases a result of lacking information.

In our case it is the lack of knowledge that everybody has legal rights, about how to realise those rights and who can assist (financially, legally, socially).

Not knowing about these key human rights is very often the start of a vicious cycle bringing people to the edge of their existence. Journalists and the media have the power to break this devaluation spiral by actively informing their audience about their legal rights and how and where to claim them.

As highly valued partners in JCUs efforts to advocate for legal rights, media and journalists will be provided with sound and extensive information materials and interview opportunities at any given time.

JCU employee at Impact radio live talk show

Media and Journalists are encouraged to prioritise and cover topics that relate to:

  • Access to JusticeBarriers for the indigent and vulnerable, processes and challenges to access justice, success stories, administration of justice institutions, contacts, processes and practices, etc.
  • Legal Remedies: Where and how to seek remedies, availability or lack thereof, etc.
  • Legal and Human Rights: What are the rights comprised of, violations and where to report them, etc.
  • Vulnerable Groups Rights: Women’s and Children’s rights, rights of persons with disabilities, rights of persons in detention; what are the rights comprised of, violations and were to report them, etc.