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My Brothers Had Made My Life Unbearable

This client (Gilbert) being in his old age, seemed so miserable and helpless after his family members frustrated him over land. Gilbert’s grandfather passed on in 1982 and was succeeded by Gilbert’s father. Gilbert’s father also died in 2017, leaving behind three children (Gilbert and his two brothers) who were all given properties as indicated in their father’s will. Gilbert was specifically bequeathed with two acres of land in Mugusu Town Council, Kabarole District however his cousins (respondents) were claiming to have share of the same land.

There were attempts to settle this land wrangle within the family and at LC2 courts but they all failed. Even though there was a will in place, confirming that the land had been bequeathed to Gilbert, his cousins insisted they had a share. The LC2 Court gave judgement in favor of the Gilbert and informed the respondents to desist from trespass but they expressed dissatisfaction and kept resistance. Gilbert was left with no choice but to seek legal remedy at JCU Fort Portal.

This case was mediated twice (both at office and locus) where a JCU lawyer taught the parties about succession law and inheritance rights. In the end, Gilbert’s cousins understood their fault and the consequences of grabbing property unlawfully. This when all parties amicably entered into an MoU stating that the respondents would no longer interfere with Gilbert’s possession of land. “Getting my land back has been such a relief. My brothers had made my life unbearable.” – Gilbert.