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Academic Institutions

JCU undertakes evidence-based advocacy for the reform of laws, policies and practices to facilitate access to justice for the indigent.

For this reason, a monitoring and evaluation department collects and screens the cases reported to JCU. A yearly report providing insights about how JCU has facilitated accessing justice for indigent and vulnerable people in Uganda is produced.

Additionally, further research topics concerning the impact of access to justice and legal aid are relevant to examine. Therefore, JCU aims to establish and strengthen its partnerships with national and international academic and research institutions to create a solid network of collaborators in the field of legal justice research.

Based on our findings we are able to jointly lobby for changes in law, policies and practices to support social change in Uganda in the long run.

JCU employee trains JCU staff about how to navigate in conflict

The following research topics are of special interest for JCU:
– Research on legal aid issues 
– Research on legal and societal issues
– Research on gender specific needs

We consider collaborations on institutional and individual levels. Feel free to get more information about the following programmes:
Volunteering at JCU
– Internships at JCU
Clerkship at JCU
– Master’s thesis and scientific articles for joint research programmes