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Long standing land wrangle comes to a halt

This case involved 63-year-old Evans whose land had been fraudulently grabbed by his neighbor Simon. Evans owned 2.5 acres of land that he’d been utilizing with his wife however things took a dark turn in 2013 when a young man appeared and claimed ownership of the land. For four years, Evans moved to different avenues seeking help but he was never helped. The officials he approached discouraged him from pursuing the matter, claiming that Simon is “prominent witch doctor” in the village and that whoever confronted him was in eminent danger.

Fortunately, in 2017, Evans heard about JCU on radio and immediately contacted the Hoima Centre for support. A JCU lawyer filed the matter at Hoima Chief Magistrate’s Court and the trial began. Evans was lucky enough to have his sister’s support as she provided relevant information which was of much evidential value. The long trial process eventually came to an end in April 2023 with success. The court delivered judgement in favor of Evans, with orders of general damages, an eviction order and permanent injunction order were granted against Simon. Evans got justice and he couldn’t believe this ordeal was now over. “I no longer have sleepless nights thinking that my land will be taken by that young man” said Evans after the trial.

“I selected this case among others because I was aggrieved to see a vulnerable and elderly person, who attended all his trial dressed up in one worn-out shirt, trouser and a red pair of sandals, being evicted from his land by a young man (a neighbor) who instead of acquiring property in the right way, opted to use covert means to grab my client’s only piece of land.”JCU Lawyer