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I Deserve Equal Rights To My Late Father’s Land

The claimant Oliver, a mother of four, reached out to the Fort Portal office to restore her land which she obtained from her late father. Her father died intestate and left an estate that she and her three siblings were utilizing. Oliver’s mother, Martha(respondent), distributed the property amongst all the beneficiaries.

However, Martha started utilizing the land she’d distributed to the Oliver, without her consent, and later connived with the Oliver’s uncles to sell the land. Oliver was in disbelief and shared this issue with the family members though her mother didn’t seem to care. Oliver further reported to the LC1 and LC2 Courts where these courts explained Martha’s illegal conduct to the family however this didn’t work.

When JCU intervened, the matter was mediated both at office and locus. The family was taught the laws governing land as well as succession law. Finally, both parties agreed and entered into an MoU wherein Martha acknowledged her mistake and promised to desist from using her daughters share of the land. Oliver received the land at locus and an agreement was given to her confirming possession of the land.

Oliver being a single mother, was ecstatic because she now had something to call hers, land she could utilize to support her children.