Communities - Justice Centres Uganda

Community empowerment comprises more than the provision of knowledge on legal rights and procedures.

JCU strives to remove barriers to access to justice and build communities’ confidence in the justice system by: 

    • Providing knowledge on legal rights and the procedures;
    • Fostering communities’ confidence in the justice system and JCU;
    • Building capacities of duty bearers to understand the law, legal issues and JCU’s role;
    • Ensuring that gender specific needs are met and considered in all JCU services;
    • Strengthening cooperation with local organizations and institutions;
    • Enabling communities to resolve conflicts on their own. 
Justice Centres Uganda outreach - JCU staff giving legal advice to communities

A key to ensuring quality and sustainability is following up on the communities and involving community-based volunteers (CBVs) on a constant basis. JCU will establish clear guidelines for all the processes involved, including outreach preparation and implementation, assignment of CBVs, follow-up, liaison and gender. 

JCU recognizes that raising awareness is not a one-off provision of information, but an ongoing process involving all stakeholders. The strategy aims at gaining access to communities at every possible level, from targeted, mobilized community outreaches, spontaneous outreach sessions at key locations such as hospitals, places of worship or saving group meeting to community barazas involving local duty-bearers to radio and TV spot messages and talk shows.