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Beware of “Bush Lawyers”

Grace was brought to JCU Kasese office by the Kasese District LCV chair person, after she’d been defrauded by one of the bush lawyers who loiter around court premises. Grace is a widow, her husband died intestate in 2022 and left behind 9 children (three adults and five minors aged between 16-1 year respectively). The minors are school going and Grace was struggling to educate them. She felt the need to secure her late husband’s gratuity and other benefits to assist her in raising school fees for the children.

James (the bush lawyer) told Grace that he’d help her attain Letters of Administration if she pays him a sum of Ugx. 800,000 (Eight Hundred Thousand shillings). Grace confirmed that she paid the said amount of money to James buts never got the promised support. Additionally, she was asked for an extra Ugx. 300,000 (Three Hundred Thousand shillings) to have her Notice advertised in the Newspapers and yet he did not have the Notice with him. Grace became baffled and went to the LCV Chairperson who referred her to JCU.

Justice Centres Uganda took her matter up for litigation and did the necessary drafting of the Petition, had it filed and followed it up to have the Notice signed by the Chief Magistrate. Immediately the Notice was signed, it was taken to the New Vision office for running its advert. The advert was successfully run and there was no objection to it. In June 2023, identification was done before the Chief Magistrate and Grace was granted the Letters of Administration. She thanked JCU so much for the free services and for diligently following up her matter.