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SUCCESS STORY: Ritah finally got her maintenance case solved

This is Ritah’s story, Ritah cohabited with Eric (pseudonym) and had two children with him. It was all bliss until Eric decided to go to south Sudan in pursuit for a job. Eric worked there for one year and during that time he wasn’t providing for his two children.

Ritah was left all alone to fend for the two children which wasn’t easy because all she had was a small charcoal business. She also got handouts from relatives but still wasn’t managing. Eric later returned to Uganda and got a job in Nakawa as a car dealer but still didn’t support his children in any way. This is when Ritah decided to seek legal assistance from JCU after hearing about our services on radio.

In January 2020,  Ritah came to the Mmengo Centre to lodge a complaint against Eric for not providing maintenance for their children. All efforts to mediate this matter failed because Eric adamantly refused to show up.

In April 2021, JCU filed an application for maintenance in the Makindye Court and in June 2021, the court concluded by ordering Eric to pay school fees, rent, medical expenses and upkeep of Ugx. 200,000 per month.

JCU continues to help people like Ritah acquire justice and if you or anyone you know has a partner that’s abandoned their parental duties, please contact any of our centres for assistance.