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Do Not Abuse My Kindness

Two families were at the verge of falling over a money dispute. It all started in 2015 when our client Jane, out of compassion, financially assisted Kiiza (the respondent) with UGX. 3,000,000 to assist him with his LCIII election campaigns. The two agreed that Kiiza would repay the money after the elections. The elections indeed too place but Kiiza showed no signs of wanting to pay back the money. The issue was that Jane has a disability, she cannot do much however she owns a petty business that supports her. She really needed her money back for her livelihood.

Kiiza took Jane’s needs for granted, he wasn’t giving her any audience and he felt untouchable because he’d become the LCIII chairperson. He was using his position to violate her economic rights. At this point, he didn’t even value his relationship with Jane and her family. His family felt embarrassed by this situation and urged him to refund Jane’s money for purposes of peace among the two families. Kiiza continued to be stubborn.

Jane’s matter was brought to the attention of JCU Kasese during one of the stakeholder’s meetings. A JCU lawyer indeed followed this case up and assisted Jane by inviting Kiiza for office mediations, with hopes to reconcile the parties and recover Jane’s money. This wasn’t an easy process as Kiiza found many excuses not to turn up. Eventually, he was threatened by litigation and that’s when he showed up at the offices.

During the mediation, he admitted that he borrowed the said amount from Jane and that he had paid some of it, remaining with a balance of UGX. 1,300,000 which he agreed to pay by May 2023. The money was indeed paid and Jane was satisfied with the outcome.