Thank You For Fighting For My Rights - Justice Centres Uganda

Thank You For Fighting For My Rights

In April 2022, Daphne approached JCU Tororo for legal support because her husband (Pete) of five years had petitioned for divorce and was chasing her & their four children out of their matrimonial home. During this time, Pete had abandoned the family and was living somewhere else with another woman. JCU officer drafted the reply to the divorce petition and represented her in that suit. Pete however started dragging the case yet Daphne had no means to cater for the children.

The children’s wellbeing was important and therefore the JCU Officer decided to file an application for maintenance and custody of the children so as to ensure that they’re provided for as the divorce matter is being heard by the Court.

On top of it all, Pete denied paternity of the children. Thankfully, court ordered DNA tests to be conducted on all four children in May 2023. The results proved that Pete was indeed the biological father of all the children. This helped the maintenance & custody application to be heard and the Court made the following orders; Pete is to contribute UGX. 100.000 per month as maintenance for the children, pay school fees for the two minors. Daphne was granted custody of the two children during school holidays. She was also given land (one & a half acres) at Pimori Village for cultivation plus their matrimonial home.

Daphne was ecstatic about the court’s decision and appreciated JCU for the support accorded to her.