The Police under the Child and Family Protection Unit (CFPU)

They handle child and family related matters and in most cases engage the parents in settling and coming to an agreement on how their children can be maintained. Furthermore, the police can as well help in enforcing the Children’s rights and cause arrest of those that violate the same. S.4(3) of the Children’s Act as amended and the offender is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding 120 currency points (equivalent to 2.4 million UGX) or imprisonment not exceeding 5 years.

General Procedures:

  1. Any aggrieved party can report to the police a matter of a Children’s Rights abuse with an oral complaint to the police officer at the child and family protection desk.
  2. First information and statement of the complainant will be recorded down in the criminal record book (CRB) and a reference number will be generated and given to the complainant for record purposes.
  3. A police file will be opened up and the OC/CID will allocate the same to an investigating officer (IO) for further investigations.
  4. The officer will issue a warrant, summoning the person who has been reported.
  5. Upon appearing, the police officer may engage both parties into settling the matter and enter into an agreement and reconcile.
  6. After investigations the OC/CID may recommend mediation, send the file to CFPU for handling or forward the file to the state attorney (court) depending on the nature of the offence, age of the accused and evidence available.
  7. Where parties fail to agree, the police officer shall record all necessary statements and attach all available evidence and forward the file to the State Attorney for sanctioning.
  8. Where the case has merit, the state attorney will sanction the file and cause the same to be brought to court for hearing and determination.
  9. The court upon conviction may give a fine not exceeding 2.4 million UGX or imprisonment not exceeding 5 years.

NOTE: Since the punishment itself cannot assist in ensuring proper maintenance of the child, the aggrieved party is normally advised to file a civil case for proper orders as seen below under the Family and Children’s court.

When dealing with children, the Police should be mindful of the following principles


How should the police handle cases and charge children with criminal offences?

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