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I Deserve A Share Of Our Matrimonial Property

Aminah was married to Fahad for about 40 years. The couple while still renting, bought a plot of land in Kiryatete-Hoima Town Council with hopes to construct a better house. In 1989, the couple started the construction project with a few units which they later moved into moved into. They further constructed other units which were turned into rentals, for extra income.

In the early 2000s, Fahad married other women which brought about family conflicts between him and Aminah especially because the two had jointly acquired properties to support their children and other dependents. The situation worsened in 2022 when Fahad selling some of the property without Aminah’s knowledge or consent. The property included one of their matrimonial home, she was shocked to be asked by the “new owners” to vacate the premises.

Aminah disgruntledly ran to Justice Centres-Hoima Office and a civil suit was filed against Fahad and the new buyer. Fahad soon after started filling flimsy complaints against Aminah as a ploy to have her vacate the said house. She was imprisoned but a JCU lawyer supported her to get bail. Following this conquest, the parties entered into consent agreement which resulted in the withdrawal of the already filed civil matter and criminal proceedings against Aminah. Ultimately, Aminah was given a commercial house with five rooms where she now happily resides without the interference from Fahad.