SUCCESS STORY: We want a place to call home. - Justice Centres Uganda

SUCCESS STORY: We want a place to call home.

In February 2021, Sharon together with her brother and mother walked into JCU Lira offices disgruntled. Their source of discontentment was their uncle Tom (not real name) who had denied them a share of their late father’s estate. Tom had been administering his late brother’s estate following his passing in 2003. He had previously allocated Sharon, her mother and brother a house in 2011 but shockingly turned around and threatened to evict them from that very house in 2014. He further sold off the piece of land surrounding that same house which left Sharon and her family perturbed and bereft of what to do.

Upon reporting the matter to JCU, on 15th March 2021, a mediation was held between all the family members plus a few clan leaders wherein the parties present were sensitized about succession law, particularly proper administration of a deceased’s estate. It was upon receiving this knowledge that Tom offered Ugx.7 million to this family to help them acquire land of their choice.

(JCU advocate with the family members in a locus mediation)

The clan leaders additionally gave the complainants a piece of land in the ancestral village in Kwania District that they could use to cultivate and use the proceeds to build a home. A family was saved from destitution.