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SUCCESS STORY: Hoima Centre protects seven sister’s inheritance rights

This is another success story of two sisters, Kate & Anna (not real names), who were helped by JCU Hoima Centre to recover land from their late father’s estate. The sisters alleged that their mother Peace (not real name) & brother Paul (not real name) had excluded them & their other five sisters from sharing thirty two (32) acres of land that belonged to their late father. 

This prompted the two sisters to approach our Hoima Centre seeking legal assistance on the matter. Based on this background, a meditation was conducted on 23rd May 2019 and the family members in attendance were taught about women & girl’s rights to own and inherit property.

Additionally, Peace and Paul were made aware that their actions were a form of gender based violence and were advised to give the girls equal rights to the property and to desist from any more gender based discrimination.

Upon receiving this awareness, the respondents offered 10.5 acres of land to be shared among the seven sisters. All parties were in agreement with the decision and a Memorandum of Understanding was signed. The JCU team made a follow up visit on Monday 15th June 2020 to confirm whether the terms of the MoU had been followed. It was indeed a fruitful visit as the sisters were found utilizing their land.

Justice was served, the family relationship had been restored and the seven girls were able to eventually enjoy their inheritance rights and be protected from a very common form of gender-based violence in Uganda.


Forms of gender-based violence.