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JCU Fort Portal helps man recover his money

Ben walked into JCU Fort Portal offices complaining that he supplied sukali gulu (Molasses) worth UGX. 1,580,000 on credit to the respondents in 2021. They promised to pay off the debt in a timely manner but unfortunately didn’t comply. Initially, Ben reported the matter to the LC1 Chairperson of Rwihamba Village where some of the respondents signed an agreement to pay while others refused to sign.

He further alleged that all attempts to recover the money had been in vain. JCU Fort Portal scheduled a mediation inviting the respondents to come to office however they all refused to show up fearing that they were going to be arrested and taken into custody if they appeared for the mediation. They later, through the chairperson LC1, requested JCU to conduct the mediation at locus in the presence of all local leaders.

The JCU advocate then conducted a locus mediation in the presence of local leaders where he had in-depth interviews with all parties. All parties shared their side of the story about the matter and at the end of the mediation, all respondents agreed to pay off their debt and; they requested to pay back in installments. In the end, all the parties entered into an MoU to the above effect. A total of UGX. 1.000.000 has so far been paid to the client and he awaits the balance.