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JCU resolves dispute between a worker and her employer

Rachel was employed by Stella as a domestic worker and she was to earn UGX. 80,000 per month. However things took a different turn when she didn’t get paid for a period of 14 months (January 2020 to February 2021). Rachel was forced to quit the job in March 2021 and by then Stella now owed her UGX. 1,1080,000. Rachel reported the matter to the police but she was advised to go to court and that is how she found herself at the Justice Centres Uganda Legal Aid Desk at Nakawa Court and a file was opened.

A mediation between the parties was conducted to try and resolve the matter. From the mediation, it was discovered that Stella lost her job in March 2021 and even when she got a job later that year, she had a lot of debts to settle. Stella therefore requested to pay Rachel in installments and it was agreed in the MoU that she would pay the money on the Justice Centres Uganda Account. When the whole amount was paid up, Rachel was called to collect it.

Upon receiving her money from JCU, Rachel started counting the money and when she was asked if there was something wrong, she said she could not believe she had received the money. “I never expected to receive all the money that aunt owed me but now that I have it all, I am going to enroll for a vocational course so that in future I am able to become self-employed.” said Rachel.