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SUCCESS STORY: Mediation of land wrangle

This is a case that was referred to our Hoima Centre for mediation by the Grade I Magistrate. It involved two elderly women in their 50s that had lodged a criminal case against their 30 year old nephew who they alleged, had physically assaulted them on several occasions. JCU’s Advocate took on the case and scheduled mediation.

Upon interviewing the parties involved, it was discovered that the accused person had encroached on his two aunties’ land, land that the two ladies had inherited from their late father. He claimed he took over the land because he believed women do not have a right to inherit property. On further discussion, it was discovered that the two ladies were currently taking care of their brother Martin (not real name), who happens to have a mental disability. Their nephew had apparently sold Martin’s share of land and was  encroaching on their land.

Based on this background, the JCU advocate sensitized the accused person on women’s inheritance rights as well as domestic violence and its implications. This sensitization resulted in the accused apologizing to his aunties and agreeing to vacate their three acres of land.