SUCCESS STORY: JCU Fort Portal Centre resolves domestic dispute - Justice Centres Uganda

SUCCESS STORY: JCU Fort Portal Centre resolves domestic dispute

This is a matter involving two siblings who had been having disputes over family land for the past one year. The fights escalated and our client’s brother Jacob (not real name) started sending threatening messages to our client Lucy (not real name) and further spread embarrassing rumors about her all over the village.

Lucy reported the threats to the police where a file was opened however this did not stop her brother Jacob from threatening her. Lucy’s case was identified and referred by the Police during a police outreach carried out on 29th June 2020.

The Centre took on the case and scheduled an office mediation on 2nd July 2020. JCU’s Aganyira Rogers sat both parties down to talk to them about the effects of threats, verbal abuse and unresolved family disagreements. Their hatred had trickled down to their children who also despised each other because of their parents’ disagreements.

In the end, Jacob apologized to his sister after realizing the emotional turmoil he had caused her and Lucy also forgave him and withdrew the charges. A family was reconciled, a woman was saved from violence and a situation that was likely to escalate to physical violence or worse was resolved peacefully thanks to JCU’s intervention. Both parties were advised to always resolve their issues through peaceful communication without violence and to always maintain mutual respect.