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Rightful beneficiaries finally get their share

The complainants approached JCU Mukono claiming that they are biological children to the late Kasozi who passed away in 2021 and left behind a vehicle, a plot of land, two bibanjas and a house. Unfortunately, after Kasozi’s death, three of his sisters chased away the clients and their mother and stopped them from enjoying the above properties.

An office mediation was conducted in April 2022 and both parties attended together with two of their children. The complainants expressed their discontentment of the respondent’s (paternal aunties) character and the fact that their mother had now no place to live yet their aunties were receiving money from the vehicle and staying in their father’s house.

At the end of the successful mediation, a memorandum of understanding was signed where the parties agreed that the said properties should be handed over to the complainants (Kasozi’s children). 

They immediately handed over the documents to the same and were given six months to vacate the house they were occupying. In the same meeting the parties agreed to elect a person to apply for letters of administration to handle the estate of the deceased for the benefit of all the beneficiaries.