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Four orphans finally get their share after 10 years

Joshua approached JCU Mukono claiming that his mother (Namusisi) passed on intestate in 2001, and she was survived by four children. He further claimed that his late mother left property to wit 6 acres of land located at Kibali village in Buikwe district which she acquired as her share from the estate of her late father. Joshua further alleged that the administrator of that estate, Bumali, refused to distribute the property to the children of the late Namusisi hence his search for assistance.

When the matter was brought to the JCU offices in search of a resolution, an office mediation was held between all parties. Upon an in-depth interview, it was discovered that the late Namusisi had acquired these 6 acres of land as a beneficiary of her late father’s estate (Joshua’s grandfather) as stipulated in his will. She however, passed on before she took possession of this property and so it was supposed to have been distributed among her surviving children.

After a series of meditations, Joshua’s relatives (uncles and aunties) acknowledged that indeed their late sister was given the above mentioned six acres of land and, they further apologised for not handing over the property to Joshua and his siblings. This is when they finally handed over seven acres of land because they had sold part of the allotted six acres to a Kibanja owner and so they negotiated with the Kibanja owner and came up with 7 acres. Joshua and his siblings ended up receiving 7 acres.