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A cohabitee finally gets her share after separation

The complainant Nadia approached JCU Mukono claiming she’d been in a cohabiting relationship with Kibirige and they have four children the last one being 15 years old. She further stated that the two jointly purchased land in Namawojolo measuring approximately 15 decimals but the land was registered in Kibirige’s name. Through joint contribution, the couple developed the said land with a residential house where they had been staying with their children and used the rest for rearing livestock.

Unfortunately, the two separated due to misunderstandings and Kibirige moved out of the home to go and stay with his parents. Nadia reported that ever since Kibirige left home, he stopped providing for his children, two of whom are still in school. In December 2021, Nadia wanted to construct rental rooms on the above land so that she could provide for their children but Kibirige barred her from doing so without giving any reason which prompted her to seek legal support.

JCU took on the case and an office mediation was conducted with both parties and two of their children. Nadia expressed her dissatisfaction with Kibirige’s character and he also expressed his concerns of how their relationship was no longer enjoyable and wished to begin a new life – that’s why he had left his home.

He thanked Nadia for looking after the children and their home and the parties amicably decided to separate and share the land equally and a memorandum of understanding was signed to that effect. Nadia received the plot of land with the residential house and Kibirige took the undeveloped plot. Both plots were measured and boundaries were successfully planted with the help of the LC1 Chairperson.