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My in-laws had deprived me of my property

This is a family matter where the client’s in-laws upon the death of her husband, took over her property and sent her away with her two children. Florence’s (the client) in-laws had promised to take care of her children however they turned against her and also denied her access to the cocoa garden claiming that she had given birth to only one girl and thus had no right to own the land. She tried to demand for property in order to take care of the children but she was told to bring them back to her brother in law who had taken over her home.

Florence tried to report the matter to the LC1 but some of the respondents were members of the L.C 1 executive who instead conspired with her in laws to deprive her of her land and property.

JCU Bundibugyo took over her case and an office mediation was conducted where a JCU lawyer advised the parties about the law on administration of estates. A locus mediation was further held to sensitize the other relatives of the same. While at locus, the JCU advocate witnessed the land in dispute, engaged the LC1 Committee who later agreed to give the children of the deceased a share of their late father’s estate. Before JCU’s intervention, the LC Chairperson and the clan leaders had made an agreement giving the whole land to the male child while excluding the female child with claim that a girl child doesn’t have a right to inherit from her father.

An M.O.U was drafted where both children were given land. Florence recovered two pieces of land measuring approximately 144ft by 74ft and 159 x 195ft respectively for taking care of her children. She is currently in control of the land and can ably take care of her needs and those of her children.