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Protection of women’s inheritance rights.

Frank (deceased) had one wife Racheal and another woman (Prossy) whom he had cohabited and had children with. Racheal is a widow who was left with six children aged 11-23 years while Prossy had one child, aged 3 years. When Frank died, Prossy fraudulently acquired letters of administration to access Frank’s bank account without the knowledge of Racheal and children. The wife, unaware of the latter’s letters of administration, also acquired Letters of Administration from the Chief Magistrates Court in Bundibugyo. When both Letters of Administration were presented to the bank for payment, they were seized and both parties could not access the account.

Moreover, after Frank’s demise, the clan leaders handed both women over to the husband’s relatives to be inherited and that meant that the said men were going to also inherit Frank’s property as their new husbands.

Prossy was invited for a mediation and she was taught about Racheal’s superior interest as a wife. Based on this information, Prossy agreed to renounce her Letters of Administration and the Renunciation agreement was filed. After the mediation, an M.O.U, renunciation agreement and Statutory declaration were drafted and filed.

As a result, Racheal was able to access Ugx 13,410,000/= (Thirteen Million Four hundred ten thousand shillings only) which was shared amongst all the deceased’s beneficiaries including the Prossy’s child. Both women are to continue receiving the deceased’s gratuity through the same account. The widows were also sensitized against allowing to be inherited since it contravenes the law and dignity.