SUCCESS STORY: JCU Lira helps widow recover her land during COVID-19 lockdown - Justice Centres Uganda

SUCCESS STORY: JCU Lira helps widow recover her land during COVID-19 lockdown

During the COVID-19 lockdown, our Centres worked remotely and supported persons with legal issues via our toll free lines. Case in point is that of Stella (pseudonym), a widow from Wirao Village, Kobe District who contacted Justice Centres Uganda (Lira centre) via our toll free line seeking our help cause her brother-in-law had encroached on approximately one (1) acre of her garden and was cultivating on it. On calling, our team advised Stella to report to the area Local Council I and the Clan leaders.

Furthermore, JCU’s Charles Onimo called the leader of Okarowok wibye acel clan and the LC 1 of the area informing them of the situation at hand and sensitised them on land & property rights of widows. He further guided them on how to go about the mediation and the need to properly document the process. Mediation is one of the free services offered by JCU and it helps people resolve disputes amicably without violence.

On this legal advice, the Clan leader and LC 1 thereafter handled and successfully mediated the matter and went ahead to demarcate the land boundaries, giving Stella back her land.
As a follow up, on 4th May 2020, JCU’s Charles Onimo paid Stella a visit and he was taken through what had transpired.

He was shown the land and the boundary marks that were set up by Stella, her children and the clan leader. Stella and her children were very grateful to the JCU team for their intervention.