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Did you know that as a Ugandan citizen you have certain rights, duties and responsibilities?

Generally, anyone in Uganda is entitled to enjoy the basic right and freedoms under the law however, citizens and residents may have more rights, privileges, and obligations.

Ugandan citizenship is mainly acquired through birth.

There are however other ways by which citizenship may be acquired, such as through registration or naturalization. Ugandans may acquire citizenship of another country without losing Ugandan nationality, while nationals of other countries are also allowed to become Ugandan citizens and keep their other nationality. This commonly known as dual citizenship.

The Constitution of Uganda says that citizens have duties and responsibilities to:

  • Be nationalistic and loyal to Uganda and to promote its well being;
  • Engage in gainful work for the good of the citizen, the family and the common good;
  • Contribute to national development;
  • Contribute to the well-being of the community;
  • Promote responsible parenthood;
  • Foster national unity and live in harmony with others;
  • Promote democracy and rule of law;
  • Know the provisions of the Constitution;
  • Respect the national anthem, flag, coat of arms and currency;
  • Respect the rights and freedoms of others;
  • Protect children and vulnerable persons against any form of abuse, harassment or ill-treatment;
  • Uphold and defend the Constitution and the law;
  • Protect and preserve public property;
  • Defend Uganda and render national service when necessary;
  • Pay taxes;
  • Register for electoral and other lawful purposes;
  • Cooperate with lawful agencies in the maintenance of law and order;
  • Create and protect a clean and healthy environment; and
  • Fight corruption and misuse or wastage of public property citizenship.

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