How can I settle a dispute over a matter which has a monetary value below 10 million UGX? - Justice Centres Uganda
small claims

How can I settle a dispute over a matter which has a monetary value below 10 million UGX?

If you are in a disagreement with another person over a matter in which the monetary value is not more than 10 million UGX, you can claim it using the small claims procedure.

A small claim has to be civil or commercial. Only an individual, not a company may use the small claims procedure and must appeal in person. Lawyers or advocates are not allowed to represent persons to a disagreement.

Small Claims Procedure

To start a small claim:

  1. Issue a Notice of Demand to the person you disagree with giving them 14 days to fulfill your demands.
  2. If payment is made, the matter ends there.
  3. If not, you compile your claim and attach a Notice of Demand, Affidavit of Service of the Notice and documents supporting your claim & any other information necessary;
  4. Ask a Judicial Officer to sign the summons.
  5. The documents are served upon the other person that you are in the disagreement with either by you or by a Court process server.
  6. Court process server files an affidavit of service within 7 days.
  7. If the other side does not respond to the summons, the court shall enter judgment.
  8. If the other side contests the claim he or she will file a written statement of defense (with a counterclaim if any).
  9. The court will fix a hearing and have Notice served on you and the other side to the dispute.

A small claim does not include:

  1. Family disputes relating to the management of an estate.
  2. A claim against the government.
  3. A disagreement for defamation, malicious prosecution, wrongful imprisonment, wrongful arrest or seduction.
  4. A petition for divorce, nullification of marriage or separation of spouses.
  5. A case involving the validity of a Will.
  6. A claim in which specific performance is sought without an alternative claim for payment of damages, except in the case of a claim for rendering an account or transferring movable property and disputes arising out of tenancy agreements.
  7. Contracts of service and contracts for service.