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SUCCESS STORY: Protecting women’s rights through mediation

Kisembo Safina (56) got married to Hajji Matovu Moses in 1986 and they had two daughters together. They stayed married until 2010 when she decided to separate with the husband due to his infidelity and resultant emotional violence. Hajji had four (4) other known wives and children.

When they developed misunderstandings, the husband threatened to give away land whose purchase she had contributed to, to one of his other wives. He had also gone ahead to give their two children who are minors, a portion of land but adamantly refused to give her a portion of the land they had jointly purchased. When his denial of her requests persisted, she decided to visit JCU Bundibugyo Centre last month for help after hearing about the free legal services JCU renders on Radio.

The JCU Legal Volunteer, Arthur Musinguzi Atwooki, conducted two (2) locus mediations in Nyahuka Town Council since the respondent is bedridden due to a terminal illness, though he is of sound mind. The respondent was adamant about giving Safina her share of the land even though he acknowledged her contribution towards its purchase. Upon being sensitized about matrimonial property, he eventually agreed to divide the land and give Safina her share (100/50ft piece of land).

The parties, family members and religious leaders in attendance thanked Justice Centres Uganda for our intervention in finally resolving the long standing family dispute and opening their eyes about matrimonial property.