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JCU clients are discussing how to organize the last will of the family's father

SUCCESS STORY: Kezekia’s father died without leaving a will


Kezekia lodged a complaint at our Hoima Centre offices against three of his relatives who had excluded him and other beneficiaries from his late father’s estate. Kezekia’s father passed away intestate (without leaving a valid will) in 2018 and left behind property that he had jointly purchased with two of his brothers (Kezekia’s uncles).

There were thirty-four (34) beneficiaries in total however, only three (3) were benefiting from the estate while excluding the thirty-one (31). This case was ably handled by the JCU Hoima Centre Manager who conducted three mediations amongst all the beneficiaries. During one of the mediations, it was actually discovered that there were three (3) court-appointed administrators and these had been appointed when the relatives sought letters of administration from Court.

Although the court-appointed administrators existed, they had been prevented from administering the estate and in some instances had received death threats from some of their relatives. The Centre Manager took the opportunity to create awareness on the rights and roles of administrators and basing on that, eventually the family members gave the court appointed administrators full authority to manage the estate as well as facilitating meetings.

During the last mediation which occurred on 7th February 2020, all the beneficiaries agreed to sell the property and share the proceeds equally.

The sale took place in August 2020 with the JCU Hoima Centre preparing the requisite land sale documents which led to equal share of two hundred million (200.000.000) Ug. Shillings among all thirty-four (34) beneficiaries. In the end, a family was saved from countless disputes that could have resulted into violence and all beneficiaries were able to acquire an equal share of the estate.

Download the template of a will (computer version)

Download the template of a will (for hand writing)

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