JCU and Equal Opportunities Commission discuss Partnership - Justice Centres Uganda
JCU and Equal Opportunities Commission discuss Partnership

JCU and Equal Opportunities Commission discuss Partnership

Though Justice Centres Uganda (JCU) and Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) might have different mandates, their end goal is similar, which is, to ensure that vulnerable individuals and communities are empowered and protected from any injustices that may come their way due to their status/ condition and that if they do face such injustices, they do have recourse to commensurate remedies without fear, delays or any other hurdles.

Therefore, in the spirit of collaboration, JCU and EOC members decided to hold a meeting in which they would be able to network and find ways in which they could cooperate.

In that regard, on 19th October, 2016 some members of Justice Centres Uganda and the Equal Opportunities Commission held a meeting at the National Coordination Office – High Court, Kampala. The objective of the meeting was for the members to discuss issues in relation to joint cooperation in areas of networking and partnership especially concerning the marginalised and discriminated persons and groups.

The Meeting was fruitful and various issues were discussed by the members which among others included; delivery of quality services, emerging access to justice issues to share and jointly address, best ways to create and strengthen the partnership, areas of collaboration, potential areas of joint advocacy, lessons on visibility, etc.

From the meeting, the members agreed to cooperate and partner towards helping each other achieve individual and joint objectives.

One of the major outcomes of the meeting was the resolution to formalise the partnership between the parties by resolving to draft a memorandum of understanding that would govern this partnership.


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