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DGF to evaluate Legal AID Programme

Eight of Uganda’s international development partners (Austria, Denmark, European Union Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the UK) combined their experience, expertise and resources to establish the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) (2011-2016) to promote democracy and human rights, enhance access to justice, and improve accountability in Uganda.

Since 2012 the DGF has implemented the Legal Aid Program (LEAP) aimed at improving access to Justice in Uganda by enabling poor, marginalized and vulnerable women, men and children to have access to quality legal aid services. LEAP partners’ interventions have contributed to increasing the geographical coverage and quality of legal aid service delivery, which has enabled more poor, marginalized and vulnerable persons to access legal aid interventions.

The DGF would like to evaluate its interventions in legal aid since 2011/12; and seeks proposals from interested consultant(s) to undertake this assignment

Purpose of the Evaluation:
The overall objective of the Evaluation is to critically assess the design of the LEAP strategies for delivery of legal aid services and aggregated results of LEAP. The evaluation will also review LEAP partners’ progress towards achieving the DGF program objectives and provide guidance to future investments in Access to Justice.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To provide a context analysis for access to Justice, and examine the role of LEAP within this context.
  2. To critically assess the design of LEAP; and provide an analysis of the role and adequacy of legal aid interventions to enhance Access to Justice for poor, vulnerable and marginalized Ugandans.
  3.  To assess the progress of LEAP partners in achieving DGF’s objectives in Access to Justice.
  4.  To document the results and/or outcomes of LEAP partner interventions in legal aid.
  5. To assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the models of legal aid service delivery in view of standardization, accessibility, sustainability and cost effectiveness.
  6.  To examine the innovative and/or cost effective models of legal aid service delivery worth replication. Such models need not necessarily be of LEAP partners.
  7.  Provide recommendations to guide DGF’s objective setting and future investments in Access to Justice.

Detailed Terms of Reference can be found on the DGF website www.dgf.ug  Individual consultants (not consultancy firms) with substantive knowledge of Access to Justice within the Ugandan context and extensive experience in evaluating large and multi-dimensional programs should express their interest by sending technical and financial proposals to info@dgf.ug by 5:00 pm Friday 2nd October 2015.

The DGF will hold a pre-bid meeting on Tuesday 22nd September 2015 at 10:00 am at the DGF Boardroom, 2nd Floor East African Development Bank Building, Plot 4 Nile Avenue.  This pre-bid meeting will provide more information to interested consultants about the LEAP program and the preparation of the bids. Interested participants should express their interest to info@dgf.ug by Friday 18th September 2015


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