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What does the Attorney General of Uganda do?

The Attorney General of Uganda is the principal legal adviser to the government of Uganda. The office of the attorney general, is a cabinet-level government position in the country. The Attorney General also doubles as a Cabinet Minister. For a person to be appointed to this post, he or she should have practiced as a lawyer for not less than ten years.

The following are some of the functions of the Attorney General:

• To give legal advice and legal services to the Government on any subject;
• To draw and peruse agreements, contracts, treaties, conventions for and on
behalf of the Government;
• To represent the government in all civil cases or any other legal proceedings to
which government is a party to;
• To peruse Bye-laws and Ordinances made by local councils and advise whether
or not they conflict with the Constitution or any other laws made by Parliament;
• To assist members of Parliament who want to propose private member’s Bills in
drafting the same.
Since the Attorney General is the main legal adviser and representative of the Government, any person with a legal complaint against the Government must make that complaint against the Attorney General in court. All complaints or cases against the police, army or prisons, in the execution of their official duties, must be taken against the Attorney General in court.

Attorneys General of Uganda (since 1962)

Contact the Attorney General at Bauman House,

Plot 5 Parliament Avenue,
P. O. Box 7183 Kampala Uganda,
Tel: +256-230802/254829,
Fax: +256-414-230802/254829