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SUCCESS STORY: Imagine you get on a bus and wake up in a hospital

This happened to our client Cathy. She  reported her case to JCU Fort Portal and narrated that the bus she was traveling in, was involved in a severe accident when it collided with a truck coming from the opposite direction. As a result of the head on collision, Cathy became unconscious, was brought to hospital and suffered a severe injury to her backbone. The pain was unbearable for the woman; she could not supervise her agricultural products, had problems with walking and could not support herself. Even hospital visits became hard because movement was painful for her at that point.

She informally contacted the owner of the bus company who promised to pay her hospital bills but this wasn’t fulfilled. Cathy was in pain and unable to work nor afford her medical bills which compelled her to seek legal support. JCU Fort Portal served a notice of intention to sue to the bus company and later filed a suit against the driver and company seeking compensation for special damages on behalf of the client. JCU’s intervention in this matter was important since Cathy and the defendants had failed to agree on the compensation amount and the payment schedule.

After several mediation sessions, there was a silver lining in May 2021 when the defendants agreed to a settlement of UGX. 5 million. In October 2021, JCU Fort Portal with the defendants’ lawyer, recorded a settlement before the Magistrate and Cathy received the UGX 5 million. Cathy was relieved when she received the money and informed JCU that she would use part of the money to clear outstanding hospital bills and the rest to re-invest in her agricultural projects.