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JCU Client Emmanuel and an employee of JCU are writing his will

SUCCESS STORY: Emmanuel (70) got his will written down


JCU’s Assistant Legal Officer at Mukono Centre is helping a 70-year-old client make a will. Our client, Emmanuel (not real name) asked JCU to help him make a will after attending one of our community outreaches that was conducted to inform and educate the community members on the law on succession.

JCU conducted this outreach to address the increasing number of cases Mukono Centre was receiving that were originating from disputes concerning property of the deceased that had passed on without leaving a will.

Upon listening in, Emmanuel understood and appreciated the importance of making a will and did not wish to have his family dispute over his property upon his passing. He therefore requested our advocate to guide him in making his will.

A valid will should be in writing and should contain the following;

  • Full names, address and age of the person making the will (testator);
  • Name of the person(s) who will ensure that the testator’s instructions in the Will are followed executor(s);
  • Names and address of the person appointed as the heir;
  • A list of the testator’s property;
  • List of the testator’s children and/ or dependants;
  • Name(s) of the testator’s spouse(s);
  • Names of the persons who have received a share in the testator’s property and what property has been given to each person;
  • A signature or thumbprint of the testator;
  • Signatures or thumbprints, names, addresses and occupations of at least two witnesses to the testator’s signature and date.

In order to avoid family disputes or mismanagement of your property upon your passing, be like Emmanuel and make a will. To find out more about making a valid will, contact us.

Download the template of a will (computer version)

Download the template of a will (for hand writing)

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