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JCU Client Sabrina finally got the land back she is standing on

SUCCESS STORY: Sabrina could recover her rightful inheritance


This is the story of our client Sabrina (not real name) who came to JCU to lodge a case against her step-mother for selling off land inherited from her late father. Sabrina’s father passed away in 2004 without leaving a will and left behind 3.5 acres of land.

At the time of his passing, he had had nine (9) children with four different women and one of these women decided to wrongfully sell off two (2) acres of land at a sum of 500,000 Ug. shillings in 2005.

Sabrina made several attempts to recover the land but in vain as the buyer of the land wanted three (3) million shillings instead of the 500.000/- he had purchased the land for. She sought assistance from the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) and the Police and later JCU where her case was taken on.

Mediation was scheduled at the Centre Offices and the respondent was sensitised on succession law and land rights and also informed that the land had been purchased without authority from other beneficiaries as mandated by law.

Upon this sensitisation, the respondent accepted to settle for two (2) million shillings to vacate the land. In the end, Sabrina was able to recover the 3.5 acres of land which is currently valued at UGX 80 million shillings. This recovered land was then equally shared among all ten (10) children. The JCU team visited Sabrina and found her happily utilising her portion of land.

Download the template of a will (computer version)

Download the template of a will (for hand writing)

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