SUCCESS STORY: A family's afflictions put to an end. - Justice Centres Uganda

SUCCESS STORY: A family’s afflictions put to an end.

A domestic violence matter was successfully mediated by the Fort Portal Centre for 50-year-old Jolly from Kabende Sub-County, Kabarole District. Jolly was referred to JCU by the Kabende Community Development Officer (CDO) after all attempts to resolve her matter failed.

Jolly had experienced emotional and verbal abuse at the hands of her husband Allan (pseudonym) which resulted from Allan’s refusal to share property. Jolly and Allan have been married for 30 years and together they have ten children, eight of which are all adults. The couple’s troubles began a few years ago when Allan moved out of his matrimonial home and further stopped providing for two of his children who were minors at the time. This upset the older children who started demanding that Allan distributes some of the land to Jolly in order for them to have a fresh start somewhere else.  In a bid to compel their father to distribute some of the land to Jolly (their mother), the children had taken out all the house windows and some household items.

JCU took on this case on 8th September 2021 and an office mediation was held on 13th September during which the couple was made aware of matrimonial property rights, family land and the impact of domestic violence. The couple appreciated the knowledge shared, reconciled and an MoU (memorandum of understanding) was signed to that effect wherein; parties agreed to peacefully live in their matrimonial home and to refrain from verbal abuse. Allan also agreed to reinstall the windows of their matrimonial home for the purpose of making his family feel safe.

Upon assessment of the matter, with consent of both parties, the Centre decided to hold a locus mediation on 22nd September in the presence of Chairpersons LC1 & LC2 and parish Councillors; to sensitise the community about property rights and domestic violence. During this time, the couple and their children were all living peacefully in their refurbished home.  A family reconciled and a community was made aware of the law and; all this was achieved with support from JLOS.


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