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matrimonial property in a will

Can one bequeath a matrimonial home in a will where there is a surviving spouse?


Leaving a will directly affects your descendants and inconveniences can be prevented by your foresight:

  • You get to decide to whom your property will be given.
  • Family conflicts can be avoided.
  • Since you name all your properties, a loss of property out of not knowing can be avoided.
  • Since the executor is a person you trust, mismanagement of the estate is likely to be avoided.
  • If no last will is made, letting other persons apply for the Letters of Administration might jeopardize the interests of some or all the beneficiaries, such as minor beneficiaries.

Nonetheless, the High court has held that it is unlawful to bequeath the matrimonial property in a will without the spouse’s permission where the widow or widower survives the deceased. Matrimonial property passes on to the surviving spouse upon the death of his or her spouse and he or she reserves the rights to deal with it in any way she/he deems fit.[1]

Conclusion: One cannot bequeath matrimonial property in a will if there is a surviving spouse.

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