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(Free) Legal Aid

Access to legal aid is central to ensuring access to justice. Legal aid is the professional legal assistance given, either for free or at a very low rate.
Legal aid encompasses services provided by lawyers and paralegals. They assist in criminal as well as in civil and administrative matters to individuals who are indigent, marginalised, or otherwise in need of special legal protection, to enable them to exercise their rights.
Legal Aid includes:
    • legal advice,
    • assistance,
    • representation in courts or proceedings under other State tribunals,
    • education,
    • mechanisms for alternative dispute resolution (mediation),
    • assistance in drafting of documents and pleadings,
    • assistance in navigating the rules and procedures of State administrative agencies,
    • along with other services.
JCU provides legal aid services to the indigent, vulnerable and marginalised individuals and communities of Uganda.