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Justice Centres Uganda has done well as far as solving disputes without going to court is concerned. JCU emphasizes mediation to give the ordinary person a chance to deal with their dispute. JCU practices mediations at her own premises as well as in locus mediations; community mediations as well as court-annexed mediations, where a magistrate or judge asks JCU to mediate the matter.


Since court takes so long and is technical and complicated, we encourage communities to go back to the age old way of resolving disputes, using a third neutral party. That way, everybody wins as opposed to court with a clear winner and clear loser. Mediation benefits both clients and respondents who have participated in the mediations, since the procedure allows JCU to create legal awareness on the topic at hand before, during and after the mediation is carried out,” Tiyo Jonathan, JC Manager in Hoima clarifies. Where mediation failed, he adds, JCU followed through with litigation.


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