JCU handle cases from their clients which fall under the categories of family, land, criminal and others which don’t fall in the three listed categories. The most common of these are land cases. The main issues being disputes over Administration of Estates, evictions by landlords, and trespassing on land. Under family law, the biggest disagreements arise from fathers neglecting their children and refusing to pay for their maintenance.

The other category of cases that JCU advocates attend to is criminal. One of the issues dealt with under this is the Prison Decongestion Programme. The  purpose of PDP is to identify prisoners  who have stayed passed the mandatory period of remand, identify petty offenders who have not yet received a sentence, help prisoners secure mandatory bail, identify juveniles who are imprisoned with adults and inspect the conditions which prisoners are subjected to. In addition to PDP, JCU advocates also represent criminal persons referred to them  by the government.

This  is done under the State Brief Scheme where government is supposed to provide the criminal persons with an adovocate. One example of cases that do not fit in the categories mentioned above, but are still dealt with by JCU is employment cases. The common problem that arises here is individuals who are employed with no contracts. 

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