You saved me from violence from my neighbor - Justice Centres Uganda

You saved me from violence from my neighbor

Vicky was a victim of emotional violence perpetrated against her by her neighbor. Martha (the neighbor ) kept constantly accusing Vicky of stealing her cocoa using witchcraft. The two women later had an altercation at a shared water source where Martha lodged a criminal case and Vicky was arrested on charges of threatening violence and detained at Bundinyama Police station for a week before being transferred to Bundibugyo Central Police station. This is where JCU Bundibugyo identified Vicky, during its routine Police outreaches.

The unfortunate bit was that Vicky was detained while sick, she had kidney disease at the time and was in ill health. The Centre helped her obtain bail and thereafter encouraged her to continue appearing in Court for hearing and produce witnesses where necessary. The matter was later dismissed for want of prosecution since Martha (the neighbor failed to produce witnesses).

Since the dismissal of the case, the client is living peacefully without any interference and disturbance from her neighbor . She is now living in harmony and prioritizing her health thanks to the JCU Prison Decongestion Program.