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We deserve a share of our mother’s property

In February 2022, Fred and Doreen (siblings) walked into JCU Fort Portal office seeking legal support regarding a succession issue. The two alleged that their mother died testate in 2016 and she left land bequeathed to them. That in her will she left the respondent (one of their siblings) as a customary heir who later in a family meeting, agreed to distribute the land to all beneficiaries but later on turned against them and even chased them from the said land (Estate) yet they had all been occupying it with their mother while she was still alive.

The matter was reported to clan leaders but this failed since their brother was very harsh towards the clan leaders. The Local Council Authorities also got involved but failed. JCU took on the case and mediated the parties with the intention to teach them about succession law. It was based on this knowledge that the respondent understood that his siblings are also beneficiaries and that being appointed “Heir” doesn’t necessarily mean one owns the entire estate. He understood his duties and agreed to give his siblings their accorded share.

Upon assessment of the matter, Fred and Doreen requested the office to visit locus and witness the distribution among all beneficiaries and in April 2022, JCU through one of its advocates visited locus at Kiiko, Rutete sub county, Kabarole District. This visit was fruitful as eleven people attended and witnessed the distribution.