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SUCCESS STORY: JCU saves 35 year old man from losing his home

Dying without leaving a will in many cases creates disputes among the family members left behind. This is an issue that Musa had the misfortune of being confronted with. Musa’s grandfather Juma, died intestate in 2006 and he left an estate of untitled land on which Musa stayed for some time. Juma had two children that is; Musa’s father Ibra and his aunt Asha. When Ibra also passed on in 2010, Musa’s troubles started.

Asha acquired the title for the entire family land in her name. She also sold off one acre of that land and left only 50 decimals where Musa was staying. Asha’s children then started threatening Musa to vacate the land, claiming that all the property belonged to their mother Asha since his father had already passed on. In their opinion, Musa was not entitled to anything and they claimed ownership of the remaining piece of land.

In January 2021, Musa decided he had had enough and after hearing about JCU and our services over the radio, he sought for help from the JCU Mmengo Centre. The JCU advocate decided to conduct a locus mediation where all family members and the LC1 Chairperson of the area were invited. During the mediation, the advocate sat Musa’s aunt and his cousins aside and informed them about the law on inheritance to help them understand the legal provisions on inheritance. She explained how a person’s estate is managed and distributed in cases where they die without leaving a will. At the following mediation the different points of view were discussed. This was when Musa’s aunt and his cousins understood that Musa and his siblings were entitled to inherit their father’s share according to the law.

In June 2021, the family finally agreed to equally share the remaining 50 Decimals of land amongst themselves whereby Musa and Asha got 15 Decimals each. “If I did not involve Justice Centres, I do not think that my relatives would have given us what is rightfully ours.”