Supreme Court

This is the highest, final or last Court of Appeal in Uganda. Once your case reaches the Supreme Court, there is no other court after this court that you can take your case to. The decision of the Supreme Court is final. Appeals from the decisions of the Court of Appeal/Constitutional Court are heard by the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is headed by the Chief Justice. It has a total of 11 justices including the Chief Justice. While in some courts as we will learn later only one judge decides a case, for the Supreme Court, a minimum of 5 judges is required to decide any case.

When hearing appeals from decisions of the Court of Appeal sitting as a Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court shall consist of all the members of the Supreme Court.

The Chief Justice shall preside at each sitting of the Supreme Court and in the absence of the Chief Justice, the most senior member of the Court as constituted shall preside. The Supreme Court also decides disagreements about the outcome of presidential elections.

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