Light Work

Light work refers to non-hazardous activities done by children within their homes under observation and supervision by their families in an environment free of exploitation. Light work can enable children to learn the roles that they are expected to take on during adulthood. Household activities if done in moderation and in consideration of the capacity and age of the child are acceptable as a process of learning and exercising responsibility within the household, to the extent that such activities do not constitute a threat to the well-being of children or prevent attendance in educational programs.

Activities that may be considered to be light work include:

  1. sewing;
  2. attending to and serving guests;
  3. sweeping, cleaning the floor and organising the house;
  4. cleaning and polishing shoes;
  5. washing clothes;
  6. cleaning places where animals are kept;
  7. making purchases in the market or shops;
  8. looking for firewood;
  9. cleaning the toilet and bathroom;
  10. helping out in the garden; and
  11. preparing family meals.