District Labour Officer

Duties of a District labour officer

One of the functions of the District Labour Officer is to restrict and monitor the employment of children. The Labour Officer does this by:

  1. Notifying an employer who is found employing a child in dangerous and unsuitable work to discontinue that employment.
  2. Ensuring that the list of hazardous work not permitted for employment of a child is displayed by all employers at their premises.
  3. Preparing a quarterly report on employment of children and young persons and submitting it to the Commissioner for labour and give a copy to the Chief Administrative Officer of the district.

Note: A person who obstructs a labour officer in the exercise of the power conferred on them in this respect commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding UGX. 120,000 or imprisonment not exceeding three months or both.

Settlement of complaints of child labour by a District labour officer

A complaint concerning employment of a child in dangerous, exploitative and harmful work shall be lodged with the labour officer. The settlement of the complaint follows the procedure below:

Procedure for receiving of complaints of child labour by the labour officer

Procedure to be followed by a labour officer during hearings

Note: The labour officer shall presume the complaint settled if the complainant fails to appear within seven days, without reasonable excuse, from the date of the conciliation meeting.

Appeal to the Industrial Court

An appeal from the decisions of a labour officer concerning employment of a child in unsuitable, harmful or exploitative work can be lodged with to the Industrial Court. The appeal shall be made in the form specified by the law. The court may confirm, modify or reverse any decision from which an appeal is made.