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Administrator General

The Office of the Administrator General manages estates of deceased persons, who die without leaving a will, or where a will has been left but disputes arise in the management or distribution of the deceased person’s property.

The office also institutes legal proceedings in Courts of law against intermeddlers, fraudulent administrators of deceased’s estates, unscrupulous relatives and others for the recovery of the deceased’s properties from wrong hands.

Other functions include:

  • issuing Certificates of No Objection to persons intending to apply to Court for Letters of Administration;
  • distribution of properties of deceased persons to the beneficiaries of their estates;
  • management of the interests or properties of children and persons of unsound mind, which come under the control of the Public Trustees in accordance with the Public Trustee Act;
  • giving legal advice and arbitrating in succession matters to resolve conflicts.

The Administrator General sits in Kampala and is represented in each district by a Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) who handles business for the Administrator General’s office. The CAO recommends to the Administrator General persons who should be issued Certificates of No Objection, which allow them to get court permission to administer estates of deceased persons. The CAO may also hold family meetings to resolve disputes over distribution of property and give families advice about procedures to follow to manage estates lawfully.