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JCU mediating for her clients JCU mediating for her clients JCU

“It’s unbelievable!” - said the clients after finally getting their share of their deceased father’s estate.


Whereas under the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda women have the right to own property which among others includes land, in Bunyoro culture its different. Our client's mother had received a share of her late father's land, but then she herself died.  When her daughters, our client and her sister, attained majority age, they requested their share from their uncle, the land's administrator. He, however, brushed them off terming them as “Bihwa” meaning they were not of their clan, thus not entitled to a share of their deceased mother’s estate and were told to go to their father’s side to claim land.


The whole of their mother’s estate had been given to their male siblings and part of it taken by the uncle himself. Thanks to JCU's intervention, however, through mediation and sensitization of the parties on the law regarding rights of women to property, the estate was re-distributed equally and our client and her sister given their share.


The client and her sister said it was a miracle and unbelievable. They had tried resolving the dispute through local authorities but in vain. They were grateful to Justice Centres Uganda for enabling to access justice faster through mediation.


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